1. What is assent article all about ?

Assent article is a article submission portal where you can write and evaluate your unique content not only that the more you write the more you will be rewarded.

2. How to sign up ?

Click on sign up button you will be presented with a sign up form. Fill the form and verify your details. Once verified your account will be active.

3. How to publish article?

Log in to the portal and click on add article, fill the required description and write your unique content. Click on save/submit button now go to article tab click on manage article and click on publish request thus your article will be sent for moderation.

4. What is premium option?

Premium option gives you opportunity to showcase your article and highlight them in a way that they can seek attention of reader. You can avail premium facility by earning points and redeeming them against premium facility.

5. How to redeem points against gifts ?

You can redeem your earned points against gifts these gifts are segregated with respect to earned points. For requesting gift redemption choose gift option and request redemption.

6. Publish request got rejected by admin?

Assent Article respect unique content. Thus, if your content was not found unique or if your article was not properly written then you can face rejection of article.

7. Is my information safe?

Yes we follow strict privacy policy be assured that your information will never be sold.

8. What is popular feature?

It is a feature by which we let our readers know the most popular and read article.

9. What are newsletters?

When you subscribe to news letter you will be updated with all articles that are published.

10. where can I find premium benefits table ?

Premium Points Table :-

Minimum points required Premium Benefit
500 10 days (all article from author will be premium)
1000 20 days (all article from author will be premium)
1500 45 days (all article from author will be premium)
2000 60 days (all article from author will be premium)

11. Where can I find gifts table ?

Gifts Table :-

Minimum Points Required Gifts
1000 Goodies
2000 Goody Bag
3500 Pen Drive
5000 Wireless Headphone or Wireless Keyboard mouse
6000 Branded Writing Pen
7500 Premium Branded Writing Pen
10000 External Hard Disk or Grooming Kit
15000 Premium Writing Pen and Personal Page on portal

For more details please go through privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions.


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