Big Data: Collection and Analysis of Data by the Cubaaz Platform

Submitted On 27-Feb-2018 by Krystelle Galano

What is big data? What are the general benefits of the technology?                

Big data can be simply referred to as the large volume of structured and unstructured data that an organization, company or business gets each day from its personal information as well as users’ information. The data generated through big data is not important to any organizations until it has been analyzed.

The use of the term ”big data” began in the mid-1990s when it was synonymous to increase in volumes of data. However, the term was expanded in 2001 when Doug Laney, who was an analyst at Consultancy Media Group Inc. at the time, noted that big data could also be used to mean an increase in the velocity and variety of the data being created and used by an organization. Resultantly, volume, velocity, and variety began to be referred to as the 3Vs of big data.

Over the years, many big data experts have added variability and complexity to the 3Vs of big data to improve the dimensions of big data. Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of big data as more companies have embraced it due to the innumerable benefits it offers. Also, several first-rate analytics system and software have been developed to improve the way data can be generated and analyzed for the benefits of companies. However, the help of data scientists, statisticians, predictive modelers and several other professionals who deal with big data can never be overemphasized to enjoy the benefits of big data.

A few of the benefits of big data are:

  • Analysis of the increasing volumes of structured data of an organization to open the sights of the organizations to business aspects that are not currently being utilized
  • Assisting companies to be able to make informed decisions about their businesses
  • Offering a company more and newer revenue opportunities
  • Opening of more opportunities for more effective and result-oriented marketing strategies
  • Improvement of customer service due to the understanding of the behaviors and needs of customers
  • Improvement of operational efficiency
  • Offering of an organization cutting edge over their major competitors


The Use of Big Data on the Cubaaz Platform

Apart from the general benefits of big data to all industries, how does the Cubaaz platform make use of big data to revolutionize the tourism and hospitality industry?

By studying and scanning several bytes of information provided by the customers during their activities on the Cubaaz platform, big data gives Cubaaz an opportunity to make use of data to get resourceful information that will be channeled to the advantage of the platform. The resourceful information that is generated to Cubaaz is real-time data that provides varying details of the users, their activities as regards the tourism and hospitality industry as well as their tastes and needs.

Using these sets of important information, Cubaaz can monitor both supply and demand of the travel industry; thereby, providing better services to its numerous customers. Without a doubt, the information generated and analyzed provides Cubaaz the right foundation needed to offer clients the exact services they need. With the understanding of the essence of big data, you can now realize why this technology puts Cubaaz in the forefront of the travel industry to satisfy the consumers.

Since the start of the ICO of Cubaaz on February 5, 2018, investors have been committing their hard-earned money to the platform with the expectation of gaining tremendously in the near future. You can also invest in the platform today as it promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity everyone should be part of. Get more information about Cubaaz at


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