Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals and Their Effectiveness

Submitted On 30-Apr-2019 by kesavalu chems26


Cooling towers work tirelessly throughout the production process but unfortunately, they are only given passing attention. Break down or reduction in efficiency of the system would generally be due to fouling, scaling & corrosion. Lump sum cost will be incurred in replacing components or in terms of loss in production. But you need not worry as improved technologies have emerged and render better protection. Over the past decade, technology has emerged to fit into systems that work.

Combating Scaling:

Formation of scale is quite common in cooling systems but may be a bit higher in heat exchange systems. It leads to a drop in heat exchange efficiency and subsequently increasing the cost. The kind of deposit formed may be either a thin film tightly bonded or gelatinous lumps, this purely depends on the process. Suitable Cooling water treatment chemicals must be put to use after considering the composition of scale.

Pals of Corrosion:

Metal & water are best pals in corrosion, a common example is rusting of iron. Pipes with standing water or slow flowing water have greater chances of corrosion as oxygen is released which reacts with the metal and subsequently results in corrosion. Other factors which facilitate corrosion are pH, heat, the velocity of water flow and contents. Though checking for corrosion & taking steps to prevent it is not on the day to day checklist they have to be given due attention to prevent the unwanted & unexpected shutdown.


Biofouling is caused by the growth of organic matter which usually begins with the entry of an impurity. When this settles in a convenient location with stagnant or slow-flowing water the process of biofilm formation begins.When left unattended to they grow and get torn off to settle in other parts to start afresh biofilm. In extreme cases, they may form a plug and stop the flow. Managing bio-foulants is quite easy with the right kind of eco-friendly chemicals.


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