What is Life

Submitted On 24-Nov-2017 by nimish shri

When I see my life, I feel I have travelled a long way... I saw some ups and some downs some pits some goods. But in the end I found my life is unique and important for me. 

A question is striking again and again what is life... may be many of you reading this have similar thoughts in mind.. 

When a day becomes dull, sad, depressed . I feel what is meaning of such life. But the other day when a day becomes energetic, cheerful, successful and happy I feel yes this is life...

Thus, I feel it is perspective from which we see things. If you see it good it is excellent but if you see it bad it is going to be worsen.

so add meaning to your life. Start living instead to wasting time... get set gooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

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Trisha D


I really like his optimism for life. He is my motivation and idol.

Nimish Shri



Nimish Shri


Pervaiz Ahmed


great hot the life defined in article


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